Trans-Support for LGBTQI

Transgender individuals continue to face significant challenges and discrimination in society due to a lack of awareness, understanding, and acceptance of their rights and identities. Agape Blessed Foundation Trust is committed to promoting human rights and social justice for all individuals, irrespective of gender identity. Through the “Empowering Trans Lives: Trans Rights Awareness” project, we aim to increase awareness, understanding, and support for transgender rights within our community.


  • Raise Awareness: Educate community members, stakeholders, and the general public about the rights, experiences, and challenges faced by transgender individuals.
  • Promote Acceptance: Foster a more inclusive and empathetic society by encouraging understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals’ identities.
  • Advocate for Change: Engage in advocacy efforts to advance legal and social changes that protect and promote transgender rights.


  1. Awareness Workshops: Conduct interactive workshops targeting schools, colleges, community centers, and workplaces to educate participants about transgender rights, gender identity, and the challenges faced by transgender individuals.
  2. Community Dialogues: Organize open forums and dialogues where transgender individuals can share their stories and experiences, and community members can ask questions and engage in meaningful conversations.
  3. Resource Materials: Develop and distribute informative pamphlets, posters, and online resources that provide accurate information about transgender rights, gender diversity, and inclusive language.
  4. Advocacy Campaigns: Launch advocacy campaigns to address systemic issues and promote legal changes that protect transgender individuals’ rights, such as gender recognition, healthcare access, and anti-discrimination policies.
  5. Partnerships: Collaborate with other organizations, NGOs, and government agencies to leverage resources, increase reach, and amplify the impact of our awareness initiatives.
  6. Media Engagement: Utilize social media, press releases, and interviews to raise public awareness and engage with a wider audience.