Agape Blessed Foundation being a support agency to Juvenile Justice Board-II and Prayas Observation Home for boys has been extending its counseling services, to the cases of children since 2017 happens to go further to bring about considerable behavioral changes in the juveniles of Prayas Observation Home. It enjoys the credit of a good many success stories of transforming the mindset and attitude of children in conflict with law lodged in Prayas Observation Home through counseling and motivation which is significant as a positive transition in the life of children.
In the above context, the Prayas Observation Home for Boys-I, Delhi Gate, New Delhi with the collaboration of Art of living and Agape Blessed Foundation had organized a Four days’ workshop from 29/07/2019 to 01/08/2019. This workshop took place under the direction of Amit (trainer) and Anand Rai (Faculty of Art of Living). The boys were told
about the various significance of Art of living and youth empowerment in the life of human beings and importance of concentration and mental peace.