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Workshop on Preventing Children And Youth from Substance Abuse

Substance abuse among in children is a cause of concern across the globe. India shares this problem in massive volume and focuses its future adverse consequences on health, growth, productivity, and well-being. The health risks inherent, with substance abuse, often are linked with other risk behaviours (like early sexual activity, violence, academic failure, school dropout, delinquency) among children.

This renders children vulnerable and poses a greater burden in terms of health, performance, and economic cost to the family and the nation.  

There are still very few studies that have focused on why children are turning towards alcoholism and substance abuse, who are these children, what are the motivators, temptations, pulling or pushing forces, or compelling circumstances. What are the concurrent and future consequences and what measures can be taken to protect growing children from turning to such vices in India. 

At ABFT, we tries to address this issue and conduct workshops on the prevention of substance abuse.

Where children are sensitizing about the issue and what precautionary measures can be taken to keep ourselves away from such addictions. 

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