Agape’s Initiative during COVID-19 Curfew


Dry Ration Distribution Drive- Feeding the Needy, Fighting the Hunger

28th MARCH TO 13TH MAY 2020

The nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus in India has affected the livelihood of thousands of people. While slum dwellers and daily wage workers are struggling to earn their daily bread, migrant laborers have also been left without work, with some having walked back to their hometowns. In this times of crisis and calamity, Agape stands for unconditional love pledges to support underprivileged labor, families by helping raise money and covering the cost of their daily basic needs.

We started our campaign to provide one month dry ration to the family in March month with the collective efforts of our supports. Through the social media and our friendship network we requested people to join hands in order to help the most vulnerable person during the hard time. To know more

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